A personal approach to finding and matching you with your childcare service throughout Yorkshire


Childcare today comes in various forms and so The Yorkshire Nanny Company provides a whole host of childcare options for you. 

Nannies – A person who is solely responsible for the care of a child in their own home environment.

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Live in
  • Ad hoc or emergency
  • Holiday
  • Maternity

Au Pairs
– An unqualified and / or inexperienced person who comes to the UK to provide childcare/ housekeeping services while living within a family home. In return, they receive board, food and pocket money and learn the culture and language of our country.

Mother’s Help – A less experienced or newly qualified person employed to help the mother with childcare, usually with the mother present.

Nanny Housekeepers – A person who helps with both childcare and the running of the household.

Babysitters – A person who looks after a child or children while the parents are out, usually in the evening.

Event Childcare – A person or persons who attend an event to solely look after the children at the event.

Nursery staff – Full time or bank staff childcare professionals.

What families are saying...

“As a first time Mum with a newborn baby and literally no idea where to start when looking for a nanny, I was really reassured at the fact that Lyndsey took care of all the interviewing, vetting and reference checks of candidates etc.

She met with us to discuss our requirements, only putting forward candidates that met those requirements, arranged for us to meet suitable candidates and also provided practical advice re pay etc. I’m really glad we used her services!”


– Nikki, Skipton –